Our Mission

Confident Tiger is all about YOU. We believe that there should be no barriers for you celebrating the body you have. 

Whether you’re size 6 or 26, we believe you should be able to find beautiful underwear for your body shape, that’s not only respectful to you, but is also respectful to the environment by using re-used, recycled or made of eco materials and respectful to the people that make them.

We will research our supply chains (and those of our suppliers) to ensure the products we offer are as kind as possible to everyone involved in the manufacture.


Our Story

Confident Tiger was launched by Clare Martin, an ex-diet addict, who has never been particularly accepting of the skin she’s in.

Her background is marketing and that means she sees a LOT of brand messaging, from businesses big and small. Unfortunately, this also means she can see a lot of what’s missing in  the world too. 

When the world locked down, she went on a one-woman mission to explore the world of ethics and sustainability and found there were some BIG gaps. She began researching into brands before buying and really looking into the way materials are sourced, products are manufactured and delivered.

The truth was scary.

When her bra broke mid-lockdown, she could not find one that was flattering for her body shape, padded to offer a lot of support to her saggy bags and that was made from materials that didn’t have a significant negative impact on the environment, and so Clare decided to create her own.

Confident Tiger was born.

Why should women have to settle for unflattering designs, just because they want to avoid harmful brands? There has to be a better way. And Confident Tiger is it.


Our pledge to you


We promise that everything we sell will be available in the biggest range of sizes we can possibly source. We will only promote brands that offer clothing in sizes XS to XXL, sizes 8-18, or bras from 30-40 as a minimum.


Respect is crucial - whether for the environment, for animals or for fellow humans. We will promote respect in every decision we make, from choosing materials, to suppliers and promoting inclusivity.


We will continue our education and research into new materials, work practices and the way women, men and children are represented across the world, sharing our findings to promote change in society.