How To Find the Right Bra Style

Finding the perfectly fitting bra isn’t just about the measurements (although that is of course a big factor), but it’s also about choosing the right style for your breast style.

How your breast tissue sits will affect the fit, for example: Those with breasts that are full on top may find that they ooze out of the top of some bras styles, giving the four-boob appearance.

If you’re full on the bottom, they may look quite flat on the top and so you may need a little more lift. Whereas if they’re of even fullness, you want to take advantage of that!

How to find the right style for you

To find your boob type, bend forward and look at where your nipples point. Don’t forget when trying a bra on, you “scoop and swoop” – pull your breast tissue up into the bra to make sure they fit properly.