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Did you know, 80% of people are wearing the wrong-sized bra*? According to our survey, only 12% of people get their chest measured whenever they buy a new bra. This is SHOCKING!

Wearing the wrong sized or fit of bra can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also be bad for your body too, resulting in back and neck problems.

That's why we're using the Boob or Bust method of measuring your bust, so you can measure yourself at home for the most accurate fit.

Steps to Measure your bust at home

Step 1: Prep Your Measuring Tape

First, make sure your measuring tape is up to the job. Our Tyvek tape is non-stretchy and won't snap.

Order a measuring tape

Step 2: Take Your Clothes Off

You'll need to measure with bare skin, so remove your clothing and bra to make sure there's no chance of false measurements.

Step 3: Measure Your Underbust

Measure under your bust, so tight you think the tape might snap. Remember - bras are elasticated, so your bra won't be this tight!

Step 4: Snug Underbust

Measure your underbust again, making sure you tuck the tape right where your breasts join your body, with two fingers' slack.

Step 5: Standing Bust

Stand with your back straight and wrap the tape around the widest part of your bust, taking care not to squash your nipples or breast tissue).

Step 6: Leaning Bust

Now, lean over 90 degrees so your breasts are facing the floor. Again, measure around the widest part of your bust.

Please enter your measurements below to calculate your Boob or Bust recommended Starting Size.
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For a fit check or further information about your suggested starting size, please visit Boob or Bust on Facebook or Contact Us for a Zoom Fitting.
With clothes and bra off, measure underneath your bust and measure it so tight that you think that the tape might snap. This is your Tight measurement.
With clothes and bra off, measure underneath your bust tightly but still be able to get two fingers under the back. This is your Snug measurement. If you look at two fingers together, that's no more than an inch.
Whilst standing up, measure around the fullest part of your bust (ensuring you don't squash nipples if included, though gently flattening them if very pronounced may be needed), whilst ensuring the tape is level all the way round. This is your Standing measurement.
Lean over so that your boobs are dangling at 90 degrees. Measure around the fullest part again. This is your Leaning measurement.
We adjust our sizing method if you are pregnant to ensure you have space as your body grows.
If your nursling is under 8 weeks, Please contact the Boob or Bust admins via their Facebook Page.
We adjust our sizing method if you are under 18 to account for a growing body

Disclaimer: The calculator and its coding are the property of Boob or Bust. They may only be reproduced with permission - please contact Boob or Bust via their Facebook page for more information.