As a new brand, people have a lot a questions about Confident Tiger and our products. So we've answered the most common ones here!

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Why Do Your Bras Cost More Than Regular Bras?

It's very expensive to produce bras, because a lot of specialist equipment and skills are required to do so! Minimum order quantities mean that a lot of manufacturers expect a minimum order of 50 PER SIZE, PER COLOUR. As we have more than 140 sizes, that's 280 variants. Multiple that by 50 and that's 14,000 bras we'd need produced.

Multiply that by the costs of materials and the costs of manufacture, and we'd need at least £250,000 to bring the cost down, which we can then pass on to you.

Our bras are made to order in the UK, by seamstresses that we pay above the living wage. This means they're more expensive to produce per bra, but more care and attention is put into the manufacture of each one, unsold bras don't go into landfill, resources aren't wasted and it's made specifically for YOU.

The more we raise on Kickstarter, the more we can get manufactured in future, which is faster to make and the more we can bring the cost down, which means savings are passed on to you.

Are Your Bras Made to Order or Made To Measure?

Our bras are made to order, not made to measure. We use the Boob or Bust bra measuring method to find the best size bra for you. However, there are lots of different factors that contribute to the perfect fitting bra, including your breast shape.

Why Do You Only Go Up to a 44 Band/L Cup?

Sizes 28C-44L is the largest range of bra sizes available on the market. Unfortunately, offering more bra sizes isn't an easy case of just making them. They have to be "graded", which means the patterns need to be made in all sizes. This is a manual process and so, you guessed it, costs money to do! We're starting with the most popular sizes and will expand when we can!

Why is my Bra Measurement so Different to my Usual Size?

Let's just get something straight. So many high street shops are NOT measuring your boob size properly.

In the olden days, before we had stretchy fabrics like lycra and spandex, bras were made of thick cotton and this means a tight bra would stop people being able to expand their lungs and breathe.

And then, these wonderful stretchy fabric inventions meant that fabrics could stretch as you breathe. So they no longer needed to be bigger to accommodate expanding lungs.

For some reason, bra measuring methods didn't move with the times and so fitters continued to fit people in bras that were too big around the band (usually 4 inches, AKA the plus 4 method), not accounting for the stretch of elastics.

So bras measured this way, using stretchy mesh and elastics, slip and slide on your rib cage, causing discomfort, and they don't provide breast support (yep, it's the band that keeps those mamas up - the straps are there to help a little, but they shouldn't be pulling your breasts up, this is bad for your shoulders and neck).

So yes, our bra measuring tapes may give you a completely different size than you're used to. But it's not wrong. It's totally correct if you want to be supported. HONEST.

Give it a go and notice the difference.

Why is Made To Order Better Than Off The Shelf?

80% of the bra wearing population is wearing the wrong size. We ensure they're wearing the right size by matching them to the right size bra. This wouldn't happen with off the shelf.

Companies that you order from and then they send in a few days send vast amounts of their unsold bras to landfill because they can afford to. This is TERRIBLE for the environment.

Bras that are in stock are usually mass produced overseas where workers are paid minute amount (many are children). We can trace every part of out production to ensure they're ethical and legally made.

The finish from a made to order bra is usually higher quality as a lot more care and attention is given to making each one.

Our carbon footprint is a lot lower than importing from overseas, which again, is better for the environment.

Bras should not be viewed as just an "everyday clothing items" it is so important for your upper body health to wear the right fit bra. A wrong-fit bra can put so much pressure on your shoulders, your back, your neck. 

By being made to order, we can offer sizes 28C-44L. If we mass produced them, we'd only be able to afford 3-4 sizes, which is why so many other bra brands just offer them in sizes S, M, L and they fit so terribly! Or they're made by huge corporations that can afford to get hundreds of thousands made at a cost of £1 per bra. 

Where Are Your Materials Sourced?

We source our materials in Europe wherever we can. Our Powermesh and Lace are both from Italy. Our underwires are from France. The bamboo silk is imported from China, which is where the bamboo is grown (and this reduces the carbon footprint). All our materials are shipped by ocean or rail where possible, rather than air.

What Does a Pending B Corp Mean?

We’re proud to announce we’re a Pending B Corp, joining a global community of businesses measuring our social and environmental impact. It's taken us a while to get here, but it shows our commitment to people and the environment. Some of the things we're doing to make a difference: 🌍 The materials we're using are either recycled, end of roll or sustainably sourced  🌍 We are tracking the supply chain of all our materials, the majority of which are manufactured in Europe  🌍 We will audit the working practices of all our suppliers  🌍 Our manufacturing happens in the UK, in fact, just a few miles from our HQ. This means the materials and finished products don't have to travel as far, reducing our impact  🌍 Made to order means a LOT less wastage going into landfill  🌍 We are collaborating with Against Breast Cancer by offering a bra reuse and recycling service with a bra bank We're campaigning for a fairer fashion industry, both for the environment and for people. Find out more about what it means to be a B Corp.

Can I Return my Bra if it Doesn't Fit?

One of the reasons we insist you use our measuring tape or have a bra fitting before ordering is so we can be sure that's your true bra size. Because our bras are made to order to ensure as little goes into landfill as possible, it's really important we don't produce bras unnecessarily. So although we do accept exchanges if the bra doesn't fit (and it's obvious the bra hasn't been worn), we will organise a Zoom fitting before producing another bra for you so we don't waste vital resources.

Any returned bras will be sold in our "Off The Shelf" collection.