Bra Size Conversion Chart

Like any clothing, different lingerie brands produce bras and bottoms in different sizes, despite them being advertised as a certain size. Some are accurate according to measurements, others are a little more generous (or less generous).

This can be so confusing and means that people are increasingly ordering multiple sizes of bras to try and find the right fit. Unfortunately, this is having a negative impact on the environment, because brands often don't resell returns - they'll just ship them off to landfill, which is terrible for the environment.

So we've created this handy conversion guide so you can measure your bust using the Confident Tiger Measuring Tape and work out which size you are (as close to possible) to the brands we promote on our site.

If you're not sure which size you are, you can book a Zoom fitting with our fit by sight experts at Coco-Boo Lingerie.`

Please note: different styles by the same brand also differ between sizes and this conversion chart is not definitive. It exists as a guide to help you choose the right size, based on extensive research from multiple sources.

Brand Size Conversion Chart

Confident Tiger
(True to bra calculator measurement)
True to size except Tango Balconette - size down 2 cups)
Size down one cup and band size, except Matilda - size down by 2 cups
Curvy Kate
Inconsistent between styles, but generally size down one band size and size up a cup size.
Size down one band size and at least one cup size, except Matilda - size down 2 cup sizes G+
28C 28C 26B 26D 26B
28D 28D 26C 26DD 26C
28DD 28DD 26D 26E 26D
28E 28E 26DD 26F 26DD
28F 28F 26E 26FF 26E
28FF 28FF 26F 26G 26F
28G 28G 26FF 26GG 26FF
28GG 28GG 26G 26H 26G
28H 28H 26GG 26HH 26GG
28HH 28HH 26H 26J 26H
28J 28J 26HH 26JJ 26HH
28JJ 28JJ 26J 26K 26J
28K 28K 26JJ 26KK 26JJ
28KK 28KK 26K 26L 26K
28L 28L 26KK 26LL 26KK
30C 30C 28B 28D 28B
30D 30D 28C 28DD 28C
30DD 30DD 28D 28E 28D
30E 30E 28DD 28F 28DD
30F 30F 28E 28FF 28E
30FF 30FF 28F 28G 28F
30G 30G 28FF 28GG 28FF
30GG 30GG 28G 28H 28G
30H 30H 28GG 28HH 28GG
30HH 30HH 28H 28J 28H
30J 30J 28HH 28JJ 28HH
30JJ 30JJ 28J 28K 28J
30K 30K 28JJ 28KK 28JJ
30KK 30KK 28K 28L 28K
30L 30L 28KK 28LL 28KK
32C 32C 30B 30D 30B
32D 32D 30C 30DD 30C
32DD 32DD 30D 30E 30D
32E 32E 30DD 30F 30DD
32F 32F 30E 30FF 30E
32FF 32FF 30F 30G 30F
32G 32G 30FF 30GG 30FF
32GG 32GG 30G 30H 30G
32H 32H 30GG 30HH 30GG
32HH 32HH 30H 30J 30H
32J 32J 30HH 30JJ 30HH
32JJ 32JJ 30J 30K 30J
32K 32K 30JJ 30KK 30JJ
32KK 32KK 30K 30L 30K
32L 32L 30KK 30LL 30KK
34C 34C 32B 32D 32B
34D 34D 32C 32DD 32C
34DD 34DD 32D 32E 32D
34E 34E 32DD 32F 32DD
34F 34F 32E 32FF 32E
34FF 34FF 32F 32G 32F
34G 34G 32FF 32GG 32FF
34GG 34GG 32G 32H 32G
34H 34H 32GG 32HH 32GG
34HH 34HH 32H 32J 32H
34J 34J 32HH 32JJ 32HH
34JJ 34JJ 32J 32K 32J
34K 34K 32JJ 32KK 32JJ
34KK 34KK 32K 32L 32K
34L 34L 32KK 32LL 32KK
36C 36C 34B 34D 34B
36D 36D 34C 34DD 34C
36DD 36DD 34D 34E 34D
36E 36E 34DD 34F 34DD
36F 36F 34E 34FF 34E
36FF 36FF 34F 34G 34F
36G 36G 34FF 34GG 34FF
36GG 36GG 34G 34H 34G
36H 36H 34GG 34HH 34GG
36HH 36HH 34H 34J 34H
36J 36J 34HH 34JJ 34HH
36JJ 36JJ 34J 34K 34J
36K 36K 34JJ 34KK 34JJ
36KK 36KK 34K 34L 34K
36L 36L 34KK 34LL 34KK
38C 38C 36B 36D 36B
38D 38D 36C 36DD 36C
38DD 38DD 36D 36E 36D
38E 38E 36DD 36F 36DD
38F 38F 36E 36FF 36E
38FF 38FF 36F 36G 36F
38G 38G 36FF 36GG 36FF
38GG 38GG 36G 36H 36G
38H 38H 36GG 36HH 36GG
38HH 38HH 36H 36J 36H
38J 38J 36HH 36JJ 36HH
38JJ 38JJ 36J 36K 36J
38K 38K 36JJ 36KK 36JJ
38KK 38KK 36K 36L 36K
38L 38L 36KK 36LL 36KK
40C 40C 38B 38D 38B
40D 40D 38C 38DD 38C
40DD 40DD 38D 38E 38D
40E 40E 38DD 38F 38DD
40F 40F 38E 38FF 38E
40FF 40FF 38F 38G 38F
40G 40G 38FF 38GG 38FF
40GG 40GG 38G 38H 38G
40H 40H 38GG 38HH 38GG
40HH 40HH 38H 38J 38H
40J 40J 38HH 38JJ 38HH
40JJ 40JJ 38J 38K 38J
40K 40K 38JJ 38KK 38JJ
40KK 40KK 38K 38L 38K
40L 40L 38KK 38LL 38KK
42C 42C 40B 40D 40B
42D 42D 40C 40DD 40C
42DD 42DD 40D 40E 40D
42E 42E 40DD 40F 40DD
42F 42F 40E 40FF 40E
42FF 42FF 40F 40G 40F
42G 42G 40FF 40GG 40FF
42GG 42GG 40G 40H 40G
42H 42H 40GG 40HH 40GG
42HH 42HH 40H 40J 40H
42J 42J 40HH 40JJ 40HH
42JJ 42JJ 40J 40K 40J
42K 42K 40JJ 40KK 40JJ
42KK 42KK 40K 40L 40K
42L 42L 40KK 40LL 40KK
44C 44C 42B 42D 42B
44D 44D 42C 42DD 42C
44DD 44DD 42D 42E 42D
44E 44E 42DD 42F 42DD
44F 44F 42E 42FF 42E
44FF 44FF 42F 42G 42F
44G 44G 42FF 42GG 42FF
44GG 44GG 42G 42H 42G
44H 44H 42GG 42HH 42GG
44HH 44HH 42H 42J 42H
44J 44J 42HH 42JJ 42HH
44JJ 44JJ 42J 42K 42J
44K 44K 42JJ 42KK 42JJ
44KK 44KK 42K 42L 42K
44L 44L 42KK 42LL 42KK

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