Why is my bra gore digging in?

There are a few reasons why your bra gore (the center front panel between the cups) might be digging in.

Some possible causes include:

The bra is too small: If the cups or band of your bra are too small, it can cause the gore to dig in.

The bra is the wrong shape: Different bra styles are designed to fit different breast shapes. If you're wearing a bra that isn't a good match for your breast shape, it can cause the gore to dig in.

The bra is poorly made: A poorly made bra can cause the gore to dig in, even if it's the right size and shape for you.

You're wearing the bra too low: If you're wearing your bra too low, the gore can dig into your chest.

If you're having this issue, try adjusting the straps or band, or try a different bra style to see if that helps. If the problem persists, you may need to try a different bra size or seek professional fitting assistance.

There are lots of lower-gore bras for fuller cups available on the market. We recommend taking a look at the options available from Freya, Panache or Elomi, which are the most reliably-sized bras for fuller busts.

Alternatively, you may want to use our bra fit calculator to check the size of your bra is correct, or choose a non-wired bralette that offers support, but takes the wired gore out of the equation!


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