Should I avoid underwired bras when pregnant?

It is generally recommended to avoid underwired bras during pregnancy and nursing, as the wire can put pressure on the breasts and cause discomfort. It can also affect your milk supply if the wires aren't correctly aligned with your breast tissue (ie, if the wires sit on the breast tissue rather than next to the brest tissue).

Pregnancy and nursing can cause your breasts to change in size and shape, and an underwired bra may not provide enough support or fit properly as a result.

Instead, look for bras with full coverage cups and wide, padded straps, which can help provide support and comfort.

Soft, seamless cups may also be more comfortable during pregnancy and nursing. It's important to wear a bra that fits properly and provides enough support to help prevent back and shoulder pain.

If you are unsure about what type of bra to wear during pregnancy and nursing, it is a good idea to consult with a maternity or nursing bra specialist or a healthcare professional for guidance.

Tak a look at our guide to choosing a nursing bra, how to measure and when to measure for a nursing bra and some of our top nursing or maternity bra recommendations.

If you're ready to choose a maternity bra, take a look at our range of fuller bust nursing bralettes, including the Dahlia and the Poppy - both of which have nursing clips, soft lace and a true to size fit. They're all available in a size 28C-44LL, with a decent amount of stretch that will perfectly accommodate your changing breast sshape.


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