How to find a true-to-size bra

A true-to-size bra is a bra that fits you correctly and comfortably, providing the right amount of support and coverage.

Here are some tips for finding a true-to-size bra:

Measure your bra size: To find your true bra size, you'll need to take a few measurements. First, measure your underbust (the circumference of your chest, just under your breasts). Next, measure the fullest part of your bust. Use a tape measure to get an accurate measurement.

Use a bra size calculator: Once you have your underbust and bust measurements, you can use a bra size calculator to find your bra size. There are many online bra size calculators available, or you can consult a bra fitting chart.

Try on different sizes: It's important to try on different sizes and styles of bras to find the one that fits you best. Different brands and styles may fit differently, so it's a good idea to try on a few different options.

Adjust the straps and band: Once you've found a bra that fits well, make sure to adjust the straps and band for a comfortable and supportive fit. The straps should be adjusted so that they don't dig into your shoulders, and the band should be snug but not too tight.

Check for gaps and bulges: A true-to-size bra should fit smoothly and not create any gaps or bulges. If you notice gaps or bulges, it may be a sign that the bra is not the right size or fit for you.

We hope these tips help you find a true-to-size bra that fits you comfortably and provides the support you need!

The Confident Tiger range of made-to-order bralettes and bras are all true-to-size, meaning the underband measures its advertised size and capacity will comfortably accommodate your breat tissue according to your measurements.


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