How to check your bra fits properly


One of the important things about Confident Tiger is we want to make sure we can educate you on how the perfect fit bra should look on your body.

It's quite a science to get your measurements correct, but if you get started with our bra measuring tape and use our bra fit calculator, you'll be able to find your perfect starting size.

We're going to go over some of the elements to look out for when you're trying on a bra to make sure it's the perfect fit. And if it's not the perfect fit, you can try on the size up or size down, either in cup or underband size, to make sure that it gives you as much support as possible. This is called a sister size

So the first thing to look out for is making sure that the gore sits flat on your breastbone. If it doesn't fit flat and it sticks out, it's likely that the cup size is too small for you.

The same goes for creating a smooth line between your bra and the breast. If you've got quad boob, which means this sticks out and you've basically got four boobs, then the cup size again, is too small.

There shouldn't be any overhang on the side. All of your breast tissue should be encapsulated in the cup, and the wires should sit far back so they're not touching your breast tissue for the ultimate in comfort.

The straps should never be too tight, they shouldn't be cutting into your shoulder, because all the support is created by the band. In fact, if you take the straps off, the bra should still stay up.

When you first try your bra on, you should make sure that the hook and eye is on the loosest fitting. That way, as your gets older, you wash it, you can pull the hook and eyes in to give you still, that perfect fit.

Bras do lose their elastic over time, however good quality they are. And on average, each bra will last three months if you wear it every single day.

Obviously, if you are alternating with more than one bra, this will extend the life of your bra.

There shouldn't be too much space between the wires and your body, and it should fit right up against your breast tissue where your breast meets your body, but not touching your breast tissue, so just underneath to give the ultimate support for you.


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