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Finding the right bra size can be tough. There simply aren't enough bras for big busts out there.

We’ve all felt the struggle of finding a perfectly fitting bra. Being told that you’re one size, but it still doesn’t feel comfortable. Walking into shops to see the ideal bra not going past an ‘E’ cup! Lingerie shopping really can be a deflating experience. 

Confident Tiger was made with the bigger bust community in mind. A made-to-order brand creating ethically made beautiful lingerie that’s size inclusive. We really have ticked all the lingerie boxes over here. We love big boobs, and creating bras for big busts!

So you’re ready to have your boobs hugged and supported by a Confident Tiger bra or bralette, but you’re not too sure what size you are? Don’t worry - you won’t need to do an in-person bra fitting by someone with cold hands (we’ve all been there, not fun!) 

We have created the perfect boob measuring tape, with measuring instructions printed right there on the tape itself, so you can measure yourself from the comfort of your home. When you’re done, pop your measurements into our online bra calculator and HEY PRESTO! Your Confident Tiger bra size.


Once you've found your bra size, we give you full flexibility in customising your perfect bra or bralette. Choose from our range of end-of-roll recycled Italian lace colours and patterns, paired with either a black or white recycled power mesh, and even strap widths. There’s nothing better than having complete freedom in how you want your lingerie to look, to make you feel your most confident self. 

There's absolutely no compromise on quality, as each and every single Confident Tiger bra that’s ordered is made by hand, right here in the UK. We love being able to provide ethically made lingerie.

Unfortunately this industry is flooded with fast fashion, and so we’re standing proud in our bras for big busts, holding other lingerie brands to account. Let’s show them it can be done.


Whilst you’re here, why not check out our lingerie accessories. We’re pleased to offer Soak lingerie detergent, Fuller Bust Wardrobe boob tape, plus bamboo silk dressing gowns. We really do have something for everyone here. Got some old bras? Not too sure what to do with them. Don’t throw them out! Recycle your old unwanted bras with us! 

We hope you love your Confident Tiger lingerie as much as we love making them. The small lingerie brand, here to support and create bras for big busts!